Why Do Caregivers Need to Practice Self-Care?

To be a great caregiver for your elderly loved one, you need to be good to yourself. Forgetting to honor your own needs could lead to burnout and safety issues for your parent. Although you may think it’s selfish to care for yourself, here are some reasons it’s not as well as steps you can …

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How Can Playing 3D Video Games Benefit Aging Adults?

Video games, especially the 3D variety, employ cutting-edge technology to make the games as realistic as possible. Though young people are often the first ones to use new technology, 3D video games are actually a great entertainment source for seniors. Here’s how your aging loved one can benefit from these games.    Increases Memory Studies …

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Cholesterol-Lowering Tips for Elderly People

Though people of all ages should maintain healthy cholesterol levels, this is especially important for elderly people because they’re at greater risk for developing serious health conditions. Luckily, a few minor lifestyle changes can make it easier for older adults to keep their cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Here are a few suggestions to …

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What Causes Mobility Problems in Elderly People?

Reduced mobility is a normal part of the aging process for some older adults, but other issues can prevent seniors from maintaining optimal posture and balance. Family caregivers should learn as much as possible about age-related mobility issues, including what causes them. Below are some of the top reasons aging adults experience limited mobility along …

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7 Advantages of Respite Care for Older Adults & Their Families

Respite care can enhance the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of family caregivers and their senior loved ones. It’s an effective way to minimize your load as a caregiver, and it can strengthen the bond between you and your loved one. Here are some of the top benefits of in-home respite care. 1. Creates Opportunities …

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6 Nutritious & Delicious Vegetarian Meals for Aging Adults

With a little bit of research and some ingenuity, you can create world-class meatless dishes for your senior loved one. Here’s a look at six vegetarian meals that are delicious, easy to prepare, and packed with nutrients.   1. Warm Quinoa & Chickpea Salad This dish is filled with the amino acids needed to repair and …

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Parkinson’s Disease Stages & Symptoms

According to the National Parkinson Foundation, approximately one percent of seniors over the age of 60 have Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disorder that affects mental health and mobility. There are five different stages of Parkinson’s disease. Understanding which stage your senior loved one is in and what to expect during each stage can help you …

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The Vital Bond between Family Caregivers & Aging Parents

As your senior parent ages, your relationship may become strained, especially if you become his or her primary caregiver. While there will be plenty of cheerful moments, there will also be challenges you two will need to overcome together. This is why you’ll need to work to strengthen the relationship you have with your parent. …

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What Are the Best Foods to Serve My Loved One Recovering from a Stroke?

It’s important for seniors recovering from strokes to maintain optimal nutrition. Strokes can impair chewing and swallowing functions, which may diminish the appetite. Here are some foods that are helpful during stroke recovery because they reduce the risk of a second stroke, are well tolerated, and are easy to chew and swallow.    Sardines Fatty …

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