How to Prevent the Progression of Dementia with Natural Methods

Several complex factors can contribute to the onset of dementia. However, certain lifestyle changes may prevent its progression.  Eat Healthier Eating a healthy diet helps the entire body perform better. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet and the Mediterranean diet put an emphasis on consuming more fruits and vegetables along with fish, poultry, …

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Do Seniors with Dementia Understand What They’re Told?

Talking to someone with dementia can sometimes be confusing for caregivers. On some days, your senior loved one may seem to understand everything you say. At other times, your loved one may seem completely out of touch, and you may worry about whether you’re meeting his or her needs. These concerns are common among caregivers, …

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7 Technological Innovations for Aging Adults with Dementia

Dementia is a condition that causes the loss of cognitive function and behavioral abilities. Many aging adults with dementia have difficulty remembering important details, solving problems, and taking care of themselves. Recent technological advances have made it possible for caregivers to help their aging loved ones with dementia live richer, fuller lives. If your loved …

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How to Help an Elderly Parent with Dementia Age with Dignity

As seniors with dementia frequently experience feelings of embarrassment because they’re unable to complete routine activities, finding ways to promote their dignity is important. If your elderly loved one has dementia-related cognitive challenges that make daily tasks difficult, consider taking steps to promote his or her emotional wellbeing.    Highlight Success  Focusing on small victories is an …

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Steps to Take if Your Aging Loved One Develops Dementia

The risk of developing dementia increases with age, and it’s difficult to hear the news that your senior loved one is facing the loss of his or her cognitive abilities. Many people feel helpless after this type of diagnosis, but you have several ways to regain control over your loved one’s health and your family’s …

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