Cholesterol-Lowering Tips for Elderly People

Though people of all ages should maintain healthy cholesterol levels, this is especially important for elderly people because they’re at greater risk for developing serious health conditions. Luckily, a few minor lifestyle changes can make it easier for older adults to keep their cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Here are a few suggestions to …

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What Causes Mobility Problems in Elderly People?

Reduced mobility is a normal part of the aging process for some older adults, but other issues can prevent seniors from maintaining optimal posture and balance. Family caregivers should learn as much as possible about age-related mobility issues, including what causes them. Below are some of the top reasons aging adults experience limited mobility along …

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Alternative Options for Reducing Stroke Risk in Seniors

Strokes are common among older adults and can be life-threatening. The good news is there are ways to prevent the abrupt artery blockages responsible for strokes. Continue reading to learn about unique ways to help your senior loved one reduce the risk of stroke.    Taking a Health Course Staging an intervention may not be …

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5 Reasons Seniors Need to Care for Their Oral Health

Improper tooth brushing, lack of dental checkups, smoking, and other various bad habits can have severe effects on physical and mental health, which is why good oral hygiene is essential to a senior’s wellbeing. Practicing good oral care can protect your aging parent’s mouth as he or she grows older. Here are some of the …

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6 Most Common Reasons for 30-Day Hospital Readmissions

No one wants to spend even one night in the hospital. However, for those who do end up experiencing hospital stays, the chances for readmission within 30 days are quite high. The likelihood of readmission is even higher for seniors, but some of the causes may be preventable. If you’re caring for a senior loved …

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5 Ways to Lower a Senior’s Risk of Hospital Readmission

The risk of hospital readmission is higher once people reach their senior years. While the last thing your aging loved one wants is to have to go back to the hospital, seniors are readmitted all the time due to reasons that could have been prevented. You can use these five tips to lower your loved …

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Why Is Vitamin C Important for the Elderly?

Almost everyone knows it’s important to get more vitamin C in their diet, but few people understand exactly why they need to maintain high vitamin C levels. It turns out this nutrient is needed for growth and repair in all bodily tissues, so it’s involved in almost every function of the body. Found in citrus …

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How to Reduce Blood Pressure in Aging Adults

High blood pressure is called the “silent killer,” as the condition commonly doesn’t cause noticeable symptoms. The American Heart Association reports that approximately 28 percent of people in the United States unknowingly live with high blood pressure. A study performed by Harvard researchers revealed that 15 percent of deaths in the country are directly related …

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